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May 25 2020

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May 23 2020

Malaysian stores are now art  https://imgur.com/gallery/3w8Lsg1

May 09 2020

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separeated restrooms is a construct of a western luxurious society. You all get one restroom and you shit in a bucket.

May 08 2020

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April 18 2020

almost like catholic school is not to teach about Jesus but obiedence and following orders, even pointless and stupid, without question.

April 17 2020

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April 15 2020

łot if I łrajt lik dźiś?

April 14 2020

of course as per usual tumblr no one chcked this is nike commercial that is not real.

April 11 2020

Humans are, literally, growing poison to eat for fun. and to add to other, non poisonus food to make it more fun to eat. We have food that on some people wrok like poision and people still it becasue it's so fun to eat it.

March 31 2020

Nie ma epidemi, gdyby była to by wprowadzono stan wyjątkowy. Który z autoamtu przesuwa wybory. Nie ma stanu nie ma epidemii. A zakazy i kwarantanna? Tusk i UBecy. plus 40 letni komunistyczni sędziowie. Duchowni są zwolenieni ze składki bo za nich i tak płaci państwo więc sobie po protu nie bedą przekładac z kieszeni do kieszeni.

March 29 2020

So you think that each of them billionaries will wait in line to get handed physical thing of monetary value that they will they take to post office to pay their bills? What type of assestes to they have you think? Does one of them might be... goverment issued bonds? Because that what they all tell us, small stupid people, GIB is small interenst but sure repayment

March 23 2020

ebola objawyknown earlier as "Zair ebola virus" see a thing there? African Pig Flu, now known as Swine lfue, see a pattern there?
China knew since last november? Well it must be USA then because CNN knew about it since 2013
Im bardziej idealny wydaje się facet tym wieksze prawdopodobieństwo że to ty go idealizujesz ignorując  widoczne cechy i nie odpierdala niz złego tylko ty nagle to zauważasz

March 18 2020

No prob. We will cremate some of them, then we will put in the mass graves some of them and shower with slacked lime, we will take some, put them in bundle so their heads are touching each other and then pour gasoline anad light the bodies on fire. the fuck of backwater illiteate, second hand Argentinian grandfather  stories tell about 6 million cremated?

March 09 2020

Dziecko zarejestrować.

February 28 2020

@kitchen it seems I cannot write reactions (opens new windows in FF and Chrome) cannot see them (when clicked ony gray bar is visible). Cannot view Friends (error 503) and Followers (again 503) 
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