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March 26 2017

It's because she knows she will die sooner than forget this. The other people have a long life before them so they need a proof to help them remember.

March 24 2017

I hope all these cocksucking idiots who preordered super mega extra combined version for the multiplay xp leverage are suffocating on all these cocks they need to suck to pay for that shit.
"girlfriend" yeah, not like the girl he's kissing didn't seen a fucking person over his shoulders.

March 23 2017

In which part Turkey is diverse?

March 19 2017

Another proof that not only Trump is a fucking idiot but his whole cabinet are a bunch of tools.

March 18 2017

Typowe polskie skino - kibolstwo: agresja, bezmyślność, podpinanie się pod PW i jeszcze pogarda dla państwa i społeczeństwa.
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March 03 2017

That's why you need humanist studies. To tell you "duuuuuuuuuh - there is no such thing as not politically influenced teaching"

February 20 2017

It's good to see al the spam is safe and sound. I was afraid I will be able to watch /everyone without miles of my friendly russian spam for whatever they try to pass as not malware.

February 18 2017

Promile, ten znaczek tam to są promile. Procenty to są te %.

February 16 2017

In the time of free nothing is given forever.

July 09 2015

"Wódka" 30%. dlatego nazywa się cytrynówka a nie wódka bo wódka nie jest

June 26 2015

Those are cooling towers. What goes up is steam. You know. Water.
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thedisinfectedmind: Incase you didn’t understand what all those ‘hippie’ protesters are fighting against

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June 20 2015

I w ten sposób Sokrates nigdy nie dowiedział sie że wszyscy jego uczniowie dymali mu żonę.
Is it because black don't want drive to downtown to kill somebody and prefer to do that while going to kfc?

June 16 2015


June 13 2015

Spot the "I'm sorry my grandparents made my trust fund in capitalism".

June 12 2015

Yeah, being a fuckass instead of telling them "hitler did that". Fuck you, you pretentious dick.
I changed to SFW group and tried to pay with Paylane and everything was ok until I logged into my bank account. Then the bank site decided it was regular "logon site" visit instead of "pay from site" visit. I've tried to make a payment while being logged in but it still don't copy any information and make a "preprepared" payment
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